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Tourists come to Guinea to have a rest from civilization. The existence of coral reefs attracts lovers of diving and water sports. The best period for diving - from April till November

Guinea (Republic of Guinea) is located in West Africa. It has borders: with Senegal - to the north, Mali - to the north and north-east, the Republic of Côte d'Ivoire (formerly Ivory Coast) - to the east, Liberia - to the south, with Sierra Leone - to the south - west, and with Guinea-Bissau – to the north-west. To the west the country is washed by the waters of the Atlantic Ocean
In the republic is military form of government de facto. A president is a head of the state and government. Legislative power is vested to the National Assembly.
Only a small part of the population speaks the official language, French, the most common are local languages. Muslims - 75%, Christians - 1,5%, others - followers of local cults.
The climate of Guinea is equatorial monsoon, wet in a summer, dry in a winter. Average monthly air temperature - from +18 C to +27 C, the hottest month - April (+30 C), the coldest - August (26 C).
More than a half of the country is occupied by low mountains and plateaus. Thick and abundant river network of Guinea is represented by rivers flowing down from plateau to eastern plains and flowing there into Niger, and rivers flowing from the same plateau directly into the Atlantic Ocean. Rivers are navigable only in small areas. Forests cover about 60% of the country’s territory. Once-diverse forest fauna is preserved mainly on protected areas now. Elephants, leopards and chimpanzees are almost completely destroyed.
Guinea attracts tourists for its picturesque landscapes, excellent by African standards road network (particularly to the south-east) and an impressive contrast between dry northern valleys and endless jungles of the south.
Cape Verga is one of the best beach areas of the country. Absolutely deserted during the week, it turns into a beautiful bustling resort town on weekends.

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